In the media

In the media

First-reading agreements rise in number: Threat or opportunity?

Europolitics, 18.09.2012

In the current legislature, begun in 2009, the number of first-reading agreements reached on legislative texts has gone through the roof: over 80% of legislative proposals are agreed at that stage. Contrary to what might have been expected and due to the lengthening of first readings it has not particularly sped up the legislative process. On the other hand, this development raises issues of transparency due to the increase in back-door deals. Several voices in and out of Parliament speak out in favour of a rethink of first reading. An EU expert suggests, for example, setting up a 'first reading A' and a 'first reading B'.

Council voting: Who are the EU hardliners and ‘yes men’?

Euractiv, 19.07.2012

VoteWatch Europe has released its first-ever report examining national voting trends in the Council of the European Union. The survey provides new insights into the main areas of disagreement and could help reveal which member states are ‘most difficult’.

Voting Records: A vote in favour of transparency?

European Voice, 12.07.2012

For three years, VoteWatch has been compiling and analysing data on the voting record of individual MEPs, and of the political groups in the European Parliament and their national delegations. VoteWatch, a private research group that focuses on decision-making in the European Union, this week published its first report on the voting behaviour of member states in the EU's Council of Ministers, covering votes since July 2009, when the current Parliament began its work. Since then, the Council has adopted 343 pieces of legislation through a vote. By Toby Vogel.

Jak Polska radzi sobie w Unii? Nie umiemy budować koalicji

Dziennik Świat, 11.07.2012

Raport Vote Watch Europe nie pozostawia złudzeń. Zdaniem autorów dokumentu Polska nie umie budować skutecznych koalicji, by bronić swych pomysłów, dlatego jest jednym z najczęściej przegłosowywanych państw Wspólnoty. Michał Potocki.

Germany and UK are main adversaries on EU laws, survey says

EU observer, 10.07.2012

BRUSSELS - Germany and the UK are the most likely to have opposing views on EU legislation, while France and Lithuania are in perfect voting harmony, an analysis of member state voting shows. By Honor Mahony.